Going Green: Responsible junk removal and recycling

Going Green: Responsible junk removal and recycling

What do we do with our junk?


junk1Canadians produce more garbage than anyone else according to the Conference Board of Canada’s new study (CBC, 2013).  We are quick to replace furniture, electronics, and appliances with new purchases, leaving us puzzled as to the proper removal of old belongings.


Most apartment buildings have designated spaces where residents are instructed

to leave larger household items. The garbage truck picks up things like mattresses, old tube TV’s, mini fridges and computer chairs and hauls them off to the local landfill or recycling plant.


There are also locally advertised hauling services on offer through Craigslist. Usually, truck owners who work in the construction industry moonlight as haulers.  In truth, there is no way to check where these appliances will eventually end up, and they may just end up in a nearby back lane. This practice is against Municipal bylaws and punishable with a $2,000 fine. It also poses a mounting cost to taxpayers. City inspectors have to spend extra time and city resources sorting roadside trash and dropping it off at transfer stations (legal dump sites).


The first step to responsible junk removal is to look up the general number for your


City Hall and call to ask about the best way to remove the appliance in question from hour home. You can also inquire about a local program that can aid you in collecting, sorting, cleaning and processing materials.  These programs will reuse or re-make your junk and give it new life so that it doesn’t take up more space in the landfills.


The Greater Vancouver BC Garbage, Recycling and Waste Directory website has an exhaustive up-to-date list of recycling plants, programs, and transfer stations in Vancouver and surrounding municipalities: http://www.gvrd.com/recycling/index.html.


Remove junk responsibly- Cleanestouch offers hassle-free hauling services. We

identified all the legal dumping sites and will take your unwanted junk to the nearest one.

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