Why does everyone choose Cleanestouch Commercial Cleaning ?

Why does everyone choose Cleanestouch Commercial Cleaning ?

We have confidence in what we do.

1. We choose the most appropriate time to approach potential clients: we scheduleour presentations during your office lunch break so that we don’t disrupt yourwork day.

2. When you choose our services you will get to know the day-to -day operationsmanager, who will be our first point of contact and easily accessible to you atall times.

3. We have an emergency response crew standing by, ready to assist you anytime youexperience problems or get stuck with a cleaning issue.

4. Quality control is of our main concern: our inspectors will regularly monitorthe cleaning in progress and inspect your site, post-clean up.

5. We encourage you to call us and request our existing clients’ contact info(especially if they are in the same business category as you) in order to getfeedback about our services.

6. We provide all the needed cleaning supplies and guarantee the lowest prices. Youare welcome to compare our entire supply price list with other suppliers’.

7. You will not be locked into an annual contract: you can simply request todiscontinue our services with a thirty days’ notice.

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