Office Cleaning Tips: How are you greening your workspace?

Office Cleaning Tips: How are you greening your workspace?

How are you greening your workspace?


Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Healthy environment is not just about cleanliness. True- impressing clients who walk into your pristine office is great for business.  But office health is also about watching out for the long-term happiness of your staff, environmental ethics, and the prevention of environmental degradation.


There are myriad of opportunities to make your office more environmentally friendly. There are two ways to think about making a difference whether you work from home or share your space with co-workers: saving the environment or saving your health.  We’d like to suggest a few easy ways to accomplish both.


Look around your space.


Is your office cluttered with paper?

The look of your workspace can affect mood. We want to feel at ease when we enter our office or cubicle. Clutter not only attracts dust: it can also be a stressor.  Try encouraging your office to go paperless and use email and overhead projection at meetings instead of paper memos and handouts.


Is your staff kitchen filled with disposable dinnerware?

“Real” dishes and mugs brought from home personalize your office and reduce waste as they can be reused indefinitely.


Are your cleaning products possibly toxic?

Invest in a good commercial cleaning company who use non-toxic green products. Alternately make your own do-it-all cleanser: a spray bottle with 1 part vinegar 5 parts water.  This mixture does not eat away at your keyboard or computer screen like a bleach-based cleaner can.


Is the reception area clean and bright?

The aesthetics of indoor spaces are also important to health and make a great first impression on potential staff and clients.


Give “Cleanestouch Commercial Cleaning” a call for an estimate and consultation on how to beautify your office.

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