Top ordinary ingredient as " Cleaning Products "

Top ordinary ingredient as " Cleaning Products "

Top ordinary cleaning ingredient and its extraordinary uses


Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

We decided to research the most popular homemade cleaning products and we came across several basic and versatile ingredients. Every green household and office should have these on hand to make non-toxic cleaning solutions.  Conventional cleansers can expose us to chemicals linked to asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and cancer (US National Center for Health Statistics).

Chemical-laden commercial cleaning products also often have pesticides added as antibacterial agents. These chemicals wash down into the water systems and are released into bodies of water and can harm marine life.


White vinegar for green cleaning


In this article we’ll summarize the uses of white vinegar in our pursuit of cleaning solutions that will not make us sick and won’t wreak havoc on the environment.

Each week we’ll focus on a different green cleaning solution that you can use at your home or office., and all agree that white vinegar is the base for all do-it-yourself green cleaning products.  Touted as the miracle cleaner it is inexpensive, multi-use, environmentally friendly and non-poisonous to humans.  Keeping a spray bottle half filled with white vinegar and water near your desk at work will prove useful. You can use this simple concoction to kill germs, mould, and bacteria.


Is it your turn on kitchen duty at the office?


Clean the office microwave by mixing one part white distilled vinegar per one part water in a microwave-safe bowl and bring to a boil. Baked-on food will loosen, and can be wiped off easily.


You can also give all the office kitchen counter tops a wipe with a cloth soaked in undiluted white distilled vinegar. The solution will buff and deodorize the surface.


Your coworkers will thank you for this


You can remove mineral deposits from coffee makers. Fill the water reservoir with 2 cups of white distilled vinegar and run it through a whole cycle. Then, to rinse, run it twice with clean water. The mild acid in white vinegar will actually make the coffeemaker more alkaline and improve the taste of coffee.


Did you know… Vinegar was used by ancient civilizations as early as the Babylonians and it is one of the oldest products used by humans.

We encourage our clients to inquire about our special green cleaning packages. We use Real Green products that contain zero identified toxins and carcinogens.


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